My name is Kami and I am a crafty mama who makes plush creatures and vintage collections!

A prairie girl at heart, I enjoy wastelands and flatlands, deserts and glaciers. I am a maker, student, mother, wife, sister and friend. I love where I come from even though most people think it is flat, cold and boring. I think it is open, fresh and endless.

Things that I enjoy are fall time smells, soups, sewing machines, clocks, rabbits, strange music, vintage suitcases and old things, thrifting, garagesales, family time, school, biking and lots of little tiny things.

In the day I work as a sous chef, assembling beautiful salads, even though I never dreamed of working in a kitchen. I love to keep busy and work fast. I would love to own my own crafty business one day.

My husband Michael is a stay-at-home dad and an amazing musician and his dream is to tour and do music full time. We are working hard to make these things come true.

Our daughter Gwyn is a dream and the funniest person I know in the whole world.


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