I've had the privilege, over the course of my plush making adventure, of taking on some amazing and wonderful custom orders from amazing and wonderful customer.

Special and custom orders are some of my favorite projects to work on because they get my brain thinking in a different way and jog my creativity.

Unfortunately I get so excited to work on these projects and deliver them to the eager recipients, I almost forget to take photos, or the ones I take are very last minute and poor quality ... this happens when trying to reach deadlines sometimes, like finishing a project the night before a due date and no adequate lighting to take a nice photo etc.

But besides all that, here are some photos of the custom work I've had the pleasure of creating in the last number of months.

 Bioshock themed Big Daddy type character

 Walrus character based on a series of graffiti stickers

 Custom coloured jellyfish

 2 foot zombie shark with bite marks, two different eyes, patches .... this one has very specific instructions and was a very fun project to work on!

 Platypus boy

 Free-for-all custom where I was told to make something large, and wonderfully strange

 Volcano man for a friend's birthday

Custom coloured furmaid with embroidered name and scale printed tail

I should also mentioned that if you have a custom request, please please don't hesitate to contact me with your ideas! This is seriously my favorite part (:


marysza said...

i'm in love with the zobmie shark!!!! you made it really look like a zombie shark haah :D

marathon1981 said...

hehe, thanks! I had no idea what a zombie shark should look like until I was done (:


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