Make it! Edmonton, there and back

So I have returned from my first out of province craft related endeavor with so many great experiences and memories! 
I was able to take my partner in crime Michael as my booth helper, while the kiddo stayed with my folks at home. It was a chance to get away, talk during the 16 hour drive and dream about the future without the distraction of the young one!

We arrived in Calgary where we over-nighted with great long time friends of mine, then headed up to St. Albert AB, just north west of Edmonton, found the venue and started setting up. There were SO many vendors! This show boasted over 140 booths and they were all amazing. Once we loaded in and set up, there were a few hours to kill before the doors opened, so we grabbed Tim Hortons, which was our staple road food and hung out waiting.

The first day was open 4-9pm, and it was a great day for really half a day of the sale and a Thursday evening. The next day was a full 10 hours and was a little discouraging in terms of sales but the Saturday blew all previous sales out of the water! We met so many wonderful folks, artisans and the organizers were always present and always great. I picked up custom orders, handed out what seemed to be hundreds of business cards and had a much emptier display than when I started by the end of Sunday evening when the show closed.

Overall it was a great time and I will be applying to go back next season for sure! 



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

sounds wonderful! so happy it went well for you

rachael said...

your set up looked terrific!


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