Wooly Adventures

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful Sheeples farm, the folks who's wool I have been using for years to make Mojave the Pocket Sloth, one of my shop's best selling items online.

I usually found the wool in the city but was almost out of my last bag, so I went straight to the source.
An hour and a half north of Winnipeg, the drive up to Inwood was peaceful and beautiful. It sure made me wish I had a slice of land myself. I was warmly greeted by Kim, one of the owners, and given a personal tour of the facilities where I met the very characters who's wool I adore.

 Here are a couple of the Merino rams, Zeus and Apollo

 These sheep have almost all been born at the farm and handled since birth so they were as friendly and tame as puppies
 They all wanted to come for a visit and a scratch on the head
 The wool is sheered, picked, cleaned, carded and processed by hand on this farm
 The sheep all had individual names and personalities, colours and markings and made each and every one special. My host Kim had the utmost affection for each and every one and with good reason ... look at these faces!

Meeting these folks and finding out just how the crafty supplies I use are made felt really good and important, and most surly worth the trip. It made me want to know more about fibres, knitting, felting and more amazing things that can be done with wool.
In September, Sheeples is participating in Open Farm days, where people are welcome to visit farms and learn more about what is done on various properties all around Manitoba, similar to the 'doors open' First Fridays that takes place in the Exchange in Winnipeg, where artists open their studios for people to see how they work. I'm hoping to take the kiddo back with me next time, but I know she will want to take a little lamb home!


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Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

This is wonderful! What a great experience, eh? I can't wait til the day I can get some of my own farm critters. Thanks for sharing - great pics! :)


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