more summer projects in pictures

some other projects I have on the go. Much sewing, much print making. 
It has been a good summer of making so far. Yesterday was my birthday, I turned 31, the first year of being "in" my 30's and I feel great! I ended up working at my two jobs ... kitchen, and print studio instructor ... but it made the day seem longer, which was actually good. I got to spend some good time with my little family, we checked out the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, got a free veggie burger from the local Boon Burger cafe, played in the park, stayed up late and just felt really ... good!

I'm excited and optimistic for this coming year. All of my projects seem to be taking off with a life of their own lately and I'm along for the wonderful ride. I've just given up being a regular blogger, which seems to make posting that much more fun again, so stop by once in a while, and I will too


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