Things are happening

I am very excited about the new things that have been happening this spring time. It seems as though my little endeavor called marathon1981 is growing itself some wings these days!

July 1 will see another marathon1981 creature featured in Stuffed Magazine
There will also be a set of creatures traveling to Seattle for Plush You! 2012 in October (unfortunately I won't be able to accompany them this time)
My newest work has been selected by the Manitoba Craft Council for a juried exhibition called Slow Craft opening May 31 at Gallery C103 at the University of Winnipeg
... and there are so many other opportunities to come for the summer time, I am beyond excited to spend my time doing art and meeting other artists.

I've had a chance to do printmaking more regularly at Martha Street Studio where I plan to do a series of geography inspired prints, like the first one above.

It just looks like this will be the summer of art!



Anzouya said...

Oh, wow! That's really exciting news! But you surely deserve all this success because you have worked hard! I wish you good luck and all the best in the future! :-)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

wonderful news Kami! love the trees and love watching your work evolve!!

marysza said...

omg!!! these tree creatures are amazingly beautiful!!! i love your works Kami :))

marathon1981 said...

Thanks for the support, it really means a lot to know folks out there have been watching along as things have been growing!

teddybearrepublic said...

Wow! Just checking out your stuff for the first time! It's really great! Couldn't help but read that you are going to be in Stuffed this summer! Me too! And you are going to be in Plush You in the fall, me too! And that you are Canadian! Me too! But I live in West Hollywood. Please to make your aquaintance! Jenny Smith Plush Artist


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