busy business

I have been a busy little sewing machine these days. I have finally taken a breath from above the piles of fabric to show you some of my work!

One of my goals for the year has been to sew every day and get some creatures into local shops, and I am proud to announce that marathon1981 creatures are now available in 3 cities!

I have been updating my "local" tab to include new shops in Winnipeg that carry my creatures and in the next week I will also be adding a ship in Nelson BC along with a new Winnipeg shop in the Exchange District.
Things are happening!

I'm also trying to add a few creatures to the etsy shop so check back once in a while and you might find a surprise!


Nova Melina said...

Congratulations! That sounds really good for you and your business! Your creatures are amazing, as always. :)

marysza said...

Congratulations Kami!! Your creatures look amazing, you made a big progress! They look so profesional! :D

marathon1981 said...

Thanks so much ladies, It's been such a fun journey making things that can make people happy and help pay the bills!

GrousyGirl said...

I've long loved the jelly ladies, but the furmaids are so cute too! If you have tons of advice about getting into shops (generally), I'd love to hear about it! Congrats

marathon1981 said...

Thanks GrousyGirl, not a lot of advice to offer just yet, so far I've been approached locally and requested so it has been a very fortunate situation and I am super grateful for my local supporters!


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