on living in a room

Yes, things have been beyond busy around here. I haven't posted pictures as I had hoped, haven't updated my shop, haven't really done much in terms of updating anything computer wise. Probably the worst season to slack off around, but I have been much more active at the sewing machine, at work and at home which you can't see and probably don't believe me! (:

My new "studio" space has been working out really well. Basically Mike and I have embraced the face that we have so few people to our house that having a "living room" with couches and chairs wasn't really serving a purpose. Any time we watch movies together it is in Mike's office where there is a big TV and a couch, so the living room wasn't getting lived in. This lead us to the conclusion that if we have the space we should use it for what we need it for ... therefore it has now become a studio space for my sewing supplies, a workout room for Mike's gym equipment and a play room for Gwyn to watch her VHS movies on the old TV.

Previously my sewing machine was in our bedroom at the end of the bed with very little storage room and limited hours because it shared a wall with Gwyn's room and she'd wake up if I was sewing at nap time and want to help. Now I have all the sunshine and storage space I need and it makes me fell that much more creative. Life being full and busy also makes me creative, so if my life is creating what better place than a living room!


Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

Such a great idea! Way to claim your space. After all - it is a "living" room, right? PS: I WANT your chair! I've been looking all summer for a chair like that (estate sales, craigslist, etc). I found one or two - but they always want too much for them. Love it!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

great idea! use the space you have to do what you enjoy

marathon1981 said...

Thanks guys!
Cassandra, this chair has been in my family for years and I finally got to have it when my folks rearranged in the basement. I've had my eye on that chair since I was a kid and now it's mine and totally priceless (: hahah


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