Seattle Part 2

Besides going to Plush You!, I got to spend some amazing time with my friends Danielle and Robert who were my guides to the windy city. Our very first stop was a local coffee shop in downtown where I had my first of many Seattle coffees.

Danielle led me on some amazing lush green trails near the condo where we saw slugs the side of a thumb, leaves bigger than your hand and the largest tree in the county.

We went to amazing local restaurants for farm fresh organic foods of all kinds and flavors. I kept the little paper menu, printed daily, because I couldn't even pronounce half of the fancy foods listed.

 Some essential Seattle sights ... the space needle at night ...
 The Gum Wall ... kinda gross, but very colourful.

 some amazing street art below the Pike Place Market

 and of course the Market itself!

 This avocado was as big as my head! There were so many heirloom foods of all colours and shapes, stacks of fruits and veggies, fresh coastal fish (something almost impossible to get in Souther Manitoba given the geography)

 flowers, baking ...

 fresh cheeeeese!

it was amazing, everywhere we turned there was good things.
The three of us has such a wonderful time, we chose good things to eat and Danielle cooked us a wonderful supper, wine and good company. It was a dream trip and I am again so thankful I was able to go!

And now the time has flown away from me and halloween is in 4 more days!! 



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

wow! love the gum wall hahaha! so many amazing sites, so glad you could go!!!

Dandee said...

Wow, Kami! Those are some great shots! I'm so desperate to go to Seattle now. Even more than before you went!! Thanks so much for sharing this! That market makes me salivate and that avocado BLEW MY MIND!!

marathon1981 said...

yep it was basically the coolest city, Andee you would LOVE it!!!

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

OMGoodness ur making me drool over here! That market looks gloooorious. And yes, your pictures are all amazing. Looks like you had an absolute blast. I'm glad. :)


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