Seattle and Plush You! Part 1

As you may know this past weekend I was able to have the most wonderful little getaway to Seattle to check out Plush You in person!! This trip was made possible my all my wonderful friends who actually fundraised my plane ticket and encouraged me to go. Kristen Rask, the owner of Schmancy Toys told me to thank you all for sending me (: 

and a HUGE thank you to my hosts in Seattle Danielle and Robert who made my stay most comfortable and enjoyable and I couldn't have imagined a better weekend with more wonderful people. This trip will be in my heart forever as one of the best weekends of my life!

During the opening of Plush You I was able to see so many of my plush hero's work in person and it was such a wonderful experience to meet some of the people behind the plush

Here are my three submission pieces handing out with plush from around the globe!

 It was great to see some pieces by Ninon, one of my long time plush heros

 Aigoo ... this is the creature I really wanted to take home, but my travel budget was pretty tight and bag space limited. This blue face guy was really huge!
 Scrumptious Delights
 OhMa Felt

 Pepper Stitches
 Pink Cheeks Studios
 The Beast Pedler

 Cotton Monster


Plushroom Soup

There was so much to see in the shop it was jam packed full of plush. Each time we walked around the shop we noticed another creatures we hadn't seen before... I tried to take photos of everything but my head was just swirling with excitement!

Check back later this week and I will be posting part two of my trip, adventures around Seattle



Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

This is so friggin exciting, Kami!! I'm so happy for you!

That must've been hard to not go home w/that blue face guy. Did u buy any plush?

I recognize sooo many of those artists. (Isn't that neat?! - that's my dream - to be "recognizable" by my style.) And I see some unfamiliar plush too - I'll have to do some poking around online to find who those crafty people are...

Dandee said...

Kami, I'm smiling ear to ear looking at these pictures and imagining you there!! You must have almost peed your pants!! And your dudes look so fantastic with all those other ridiculously awesome creatures!

CrystaL* said...

*wipping drool from corner of mouth*
What an amazing store so full of awesomeness every angel you look. Based on the photos alone it looks like you had an wonderful trip. I am so happy your friends could help make this possible for you.
Glad I found your site as well. Hope your having a wonderful week.
Much Love,

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

so awesome!!! so happy we could all contribute to make this happen for you. I brag about your ugly cute creatures all the time, go Kami!!!

marathon1981 said...

THanks so much guys, yes, it was the most amazing show, I could have spent days looking around again and again. I did buy one plush for me and Gwyn from soft life industry, a new maker to me, but a very cute creature to bring home. I'll get photos sometime! (:

zenbecca said...

Too much awesomeness! Your pieces look so right at home there. :-)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks bec, i sure hope they find some homes after the show too! (:


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