Have a Lumpy Culture Days

This weekend is "Culture Days" in Winnipeg and across Canada cities are celebrating culture of all sorts. Last year a group of local crafters artists knitters and supporters joined together for "Knit the Bridge". This year a crafters market was organized as well as "Knitting Albert Street".

The above photo is of Lumpy, the giant plush creature collaboration of myself and Melanie Wesley, sitting in The Cube in downtown Winnipeg at the Culture days market. We spent a few weekends working together to come up with a giant creature. The original vision was a little different, involved an internal skeletal structure and wheels, but given costs, materials and especially time and space, Lumpy evolved. The most difficult hurdle in making a giant plushie was stuffing.

We finally found enough free foam scraps to fill Lumpy, and his name was born! He will become an evolving blank canvas type of project that will be added to as time and events allows us, but to be honest I think he freaked a few people out. One thing is for sure, he is very large and caught people's attention up there on the stage all by himself. 

Gwyn and I spent some time at the market this afternoon ...

and she also helped me instal our yarn bomb as a part of Knitting Albert Street. Above, another yarn bombed tree in lovely yellow and purple.

Here is mine, which turned out more long than wide so the only suitable structure was a street sign. I think it looks much better now, don't you?

Gwyn wanted to pose in front of all the other pieces

This little blue one was ours too. I kind of want to go back and do more, they looks so neat when they are all together!

After that we checked out a few shops, including the newest coffee shop in Winnipeg, Parlour Coffee, probably the best coffee in town.

Then on the way home we saw this creature up in a tree close to our neighborhood. Love it!

Tonight is Nuit Blanche which is an all night art party in downtown with free events, art galleries open late, food and music until 6am. We will see how long we last!



Tawny said...

My kids loved Lumpy! My little girl kept calling him an "Octopus" mostly because she just learned the word and wanted desperately to use it for something. Both kids gave Lumpy a big hug and had a visit with him while they ate some poutine in the park at the market. :)

PS: I promise that although Lumpy might have tried to mooch some of the poutine from the kids, they didn't spill a drop on his lovely lumpiness. :P

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

What an awesome project!

marathon1981 said...

Tawny, I'm so glad your kiddos liked him! I was curious what kid's reactions would be!


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