Creature Feature

I've been busy busy busy this weekend working on more creatures for the coming craft sale season. Today I've really gotten back into HOOTS!

Whooo doesn't love a good hootstack?

I have been feeling like I need to change shapes in my work recently and I've gone back to the jabba-the-hut blob and I've used a few times before. I like adding fur to the back to give some dimension too.

Hand stitching the feathers is a really relaxing activity when G is playing puzzles or legos and not getting into my stash of supplies!

Because I'm focusing more on making than on my etsy shop these days, I'm not sure if I will be listing as many new creatures, but I am open to requests and will list on demand!

and a few snowy types thrown in for good measure.

Thanks also to all the wonderful local folks who have dropped by Sew Dandee to donate to my "get to Plush You" fund! I've booked my ticket this week and it's official, I'M GOING TO SEATTLE!!

On that exciting note, I'm going back to the sewing room!



marysza said...

omg I loooove them! they are such cute monster-owls :D

marathon1981 said...

Thanks thanks thanks! (:

Cassandra said...

I love me a hoot stack!! Congratulations on your success w/ur upcoming trip and all. That's so exciting! Proud and happy for you!!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

hurray! so glad you are going!!


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