Adventuredump (maybe a long one)

Well as you may have observed I haven't been the best keeper of the blog here lately, but I do have a few things to update you all on now.

You may remember hearing that my beloved (previous) workplace Aqua Book/Eat! Bistro was shutting down ... that is still half the case, but it was also a hard decision for our family and I have started a new job. Tomorrow will be the start of week two and it has been a bit of a roller coaster around here getting used to a new schedule, finding time for crafting and family and a huge learning curve.

As I've told most people who ask how the new job is going ... my old kitchen would fit into this new kitchen's walk in fridge .... big. big changes. big amounts of food. big responsibility. I've been hired as a deli supervisor at the University of Winnipeg through Diversity Food Services which takes care of all on campus food services and catering and some off campus catering. So we make a lot of food.

Besides all that I've still been making time for sewing, which is why the blog has been one of the backburner type projects. To make up for this, I will now share an adventure dump in photo form.

First of all, this little beast turned 3 on Monday which was pretty exciting for all of us. We had a little celebration at home with presents and balloons and cake and spent the day at the Ciclovia street festival.

Her favorite little horse Taco was at the festival too!
And now in no particular order ...
me on the roof of my sister's new abode
trying to go to garage sales in our matching cardigans 
Gwyn's candid photography (I just found this on my camera)
stealing daddy's t-shirts
 rest stop on our brief and ill advised trip to the states
 it was Gwyn's first time to America
 hugging bears in Grand Forks

 Windmills and a prairie sky
 Gwyn's very best photo of mum and dad
and a good one of her with her prairie flowers.

And so these have been some of the adventures we've been on lately. Still around ... still busy but looking forward to a nice calm fall season. And now I just made a delicious banana bread that I am going to enjoy with a beer! hah.



marysza said...

oh a lot of photos! - nice adventure relation!
I hope your work will be better from day to day.. easier!!
and that you will have more time for your lovely creatures!
best wishes for your sweet daughter on her 3rd birthday!!


marathon1981 said...

Thanks so much, it's been a fun time but very busy and stressful but mostly good (:

Cassandra of Pooknflip said...

I've missed you! Glad to see you guys have been having so many fun adventures though. Love the photos. What did you do in the States?


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