working on, working off

It has been all go around here these days! A lot of changes for our little family, transition to fall seems like a big one! We've decided to see if Gwyn will be ready for nursery school, Mike has been working days this week, changes with my work and we still have our own projects to accomplish.

I've been a slack blogger but I'll prove it has good merit because of all the progress photos!

Mike snapped this photo of me unawares so I look really tired and surprised! 

Did you notice my little helper in the window? She has her own sewing machine too and can't stand not to help when mum is making monsters

A quick shot of some of my work in progress. I've been trying out a new way of making batches of creatures ... using a ruler and cutting all my pieces at once. Usually I make one at  time and hack my fabric to pieces just to get what I want, but I've been trying for efficiency and it's been working out.

All these strips are becoming catties. It has taken a few days and turning arms and legs is the longest
step, but in the end I should have over 20 cats in record time.

Here is a ghosty shot of empty bodes with no eyes. Gwyn insists on choosing eyes for each one, but they are in the mail and should arrive in the coming week so she'll have lots of work to do too.

besides these fellows, I've been working on a new batch of Octacreatures which might just find their way into my shop sometime soon.

So you see, I have been a busy bee working away and not just neglecting my little blog (:
I will be back when I'm back! Have a wonderful week



oh, lovely day! said...

looks like you have been a busy bee! luckily you have an adorable little helper(:

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Sarah ... she can certainly be a handful in the supplies hehe

Cassandra said...

Love love love it all. I like seeing craftrooms in complete work mode. It makes me feel sneak peeky. :) I too have been all go, no blog lately. Ugh. Feeling overwhelmed. (Love those octocreatures!)

Ashley said...

they are adorable!!! i am sooo headed to your shop, now :)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Ashley! I haven't quite been the shop keeper I've aspired to lately but if you see something you like on the blog and not in the shop just let me know! and I can get a listing going!!



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