Found it!

Just a tiny little treasure update this week. I've barely had any thrifting time these last few days with all the busy things going on around our house these days!
But here are a couple colourful things to keep you up to date!

I have a major weakness for vintage tins of any kind. I can't help when they are less than a dollar and can be used to store small things of all kinds. I'm always convinced I have a use for just one more!

... same goes for beautiful globes. I found two more large ones in my last few treasure hunts to add to the collection. I need to find a better way to get photos in my kitchen, they always turn out yellow!

And finally this fabulous bubbly plastic planter. I already planted my 'old man' cactus in here and the wire rack was one of my finds on my birthday thrifting trip.

Have a wonderful week. This Saturday is the August version of Crafty Minions so I'm getting things ready and Mike is recording an album the same weekend so things are all go around here!


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