Creature Feature

Ok so here it is ... the fruits of my labors this last little while, my attempts at making a creature a day or more. Yesterday and today I got 5 "catties" as Gwyn calls,  them completed and I still have a ways to go before I'll have enough to designate to all the various commissions I've signed on to!

These little catties are so much fun to make too, I could keep working with them for a while and never get bored. My favorite part is using vintage fabric and keeping them simple to showcase the patterns.

This fellow is a little different than others I've worked on ... he just came about one day. A kind of broken hearted half frog half bear man beast.

Some more octacreatures. Gwyn calls the orange eyed one "Bubble"

And now back to the sewing machine!



Cassandra said...

Wow, Kami, I love them all! My favorite cattie is that dark grey one with the brown face and bluish bod. I love the look on his face. And I WILL! be back for an octacreature sometime...I ADORE that blue velvet cthulhu-lookin fella. Maybe we could work out a trade or something someday!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Cassandra! Your creature is also in the mail today woohoo!
Yes we should work out a trade sometime ... maybe after the building christmas pressure! How about a new years trade? something like that would be pretty fun after all the rush


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