Crafty Minions: The Visual - August 13 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out to support this Crafty Minions show as well as Aqua Books and Eat! Bistro, it was a wonderful day! 

I gave me setup a new look and opted for a real table as opposed to the desk I usually snag at this show. The doll house was found at a garagesale for a mere two dollars! Gwyn and I have been working on the paint job and I think it looks peachy. I have a big crush on chevrons that doesn't seem to be letting up. I also ordered a real banner for my set up too which turned out better than I expected!

The only shots of my table include the lovely Michael who was manning the fort and kiddo wrangling for me while I set up and said hello to other crafters, grabbed a couple coffees and waited for the doors to open.

Part of the excitement that was going on during the show was due to the closure announcement of the bookstore. We had tv crews in the restaurant all week and this day was no exception. Crew from the CBC were doing a spot on Kelly Hughes, the venue and the craft sale so they were hovering around my table for some time. Finally one of them explained to me what was taking place and that they wanted to use my table and creatures in a few shots of the sale. I said sure because it means my creatures might be on the tele. Kinda cool! Not until September though, but I'll post a video clip later if it works out.

In the mean time I forgot the bring the camera around and Gwyn did my photos for me ....

It was a great day and we are all hoping Crafty Minions will continue post Aqua books!


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Amy said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I've been a big fan of yours for a while! I am just absolutely rotten at leaving comments on the blogs I read. My brain is usually in too much of a jumble.
That dollhouse is such a score. It's so awesome that your fam gets so involved in what you do! x


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