What she wore

This little goof ball is always happy to be in a photo shoot when I'm trying to take photos of anything else, so once again, we changed focus and snapped a few of her in some recent thrifty finds.

This great two piece dress and bloomers is a Health-Tex original, one of my favorite vintage brands to find. Shoes were unmarked but looked like Buster Browns. 

I've still been working on my 'one creature a day' goal .. which hasn't always been met on a daily basis, but today I ended up making three to make up for lost time so a creature feature is coming soon. It's been more making than blogging lately but bare with me!



Cassandra said...

She is too stinkin cute. I love that outfit! Yellow is my absolute favorite lately. (Can't wait for the creature feature!)

oh, lovely day! said...

what an adorable girl in an adorable dress! she is too cute for words!! i hope my love for all things thrifted will be passed on to my future little ones.

marathon1981 said...

Oh thanks ladies (:

Sarah I'm sure thrifting is in the genes (: my mum was a hard core garage sailor so I've knows bargains from a young age hehe


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