Project Sunflower

This summer Gwyn got a chance to make a planting pot with daddy at a local art drop-in at the park by our house and they planted fresh little sunflower seeds inside.

She has been so excited to watch them grow bigger and bigger each day, I figured I'd document them for her as well.

Here they are just after they sprouted and broke through the soil. It sure didn't take very long at all.

a couple of days later ....

and now they are getting pretty monstrous! Not sure what type of sunflowers they will be but the best part is being able to teach Gwyn about how things grow.

Have a fabulous Thursday (almost Friday!!)


oh, lovely day! said...

what lovely little greens! when i taught preschool, my favorite week was the one when we talked about where plants come from. so sweet.

marathon1981 said...

isn't it so great to watch them soak that in? It helps her understand what "growing up" means when she sees something change each day too (:


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