MY Saturday Off

Today is the Saturday before my 30th birthday so I booked the day off work in hopes of a roadtrip of some description. Initially there was talk of driving down to Minneapolis in the states, which is 8 hours away ... but new breaks for the van took priority.

So I figured I'd use my lovely day off for some novelty thrifting in Southern Manitoba! Gwyn spent the day with G and G, Mike got the house to himself to work on music, and I headed towards the border to see how many MCC shops I could hit in one afternoon. Today the answer was 3, and it was a blast!

This is what most of my drive looked like, wonderful HOT flat prairies. Today is the first day of a "heat wave" that is coming through, +32 Celsius, plus humidity! 

The first shop in Niverville closed at 1pm, luckily I got there at 12:30 and had a half hour to go through all the amazing craft supplies.

Seriously, this is the fabric section alone! I found a heap of wonderful fur and striped fabric.

My serious road face. Everyone thinks I'm mad when I drive but I'm just concentrating! (probably not a smart idea to take photos and drive ...)

Next stop, Morris. This is the town I always knew for the last gas station before crossing the border, now I know it holds treasures! I found a great bunch of vintage kiddo stuff for the shop and for Gwyn

On the way I saw a huge wind farm. I have a special weakness for wind farms. I can't explain it but it's just one of those quirky things I like. Do you love wind farms too?

Last stop ... Winkler, the town where my mum grew up. I didn't find too much here, a dress for Gwyn and one for me (for 50 cents, but it is too small!) and a wire shelf for some creatures.

There were a couple more shops on my initially planned route but due to timing I had to head back. I will show you some of my haul in another Found it! post later this week. 

It was the most wonderful day off and tonight we are heading to a birthday party for our buddy Nathan and then heading home to try and keep cool in all this sweaty heat. I hope your Saturday is amazing!



Amanda said...

You were in Winkler??

You should have gone to Altona's. WAY better than Winkler's.

Glad you had a good day off!

marathon1981 said...

Yeah I realized after haha. I've been to the Altona one during family gatherings and thought i'd give winkler a try. I wanted to do both but had to get back ): I thought of you though!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I would do a Niverville, Steinbach, Grunthal loop
and a Morris, Altona, Winkler loop
so jealous you went beyond my planning stage!

Cassandra said...

I'm so jealous!! Drooooling over that fabric section! We have some Salvation Army's around here and a couple Goodwills, etc. - but no really cool ones like you lucky Canadian's seem to have. Crafting supplies are always a hit or miss and the clothing is all kinda pricey at our places. :(

marathon1981 said...

Ruth, you should it makes a nice afternoon drive!

Cassandra, if you ever head north of the border I'd give you such an amazing tour! hehe


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