Found it!

I have greatly missed my little found adventure posts so I finally got around to taking some photos of the treasures I've been collecting! The above piece came to me via my sister who found it at an arts depot in town for free! I kind of want a tattoo designed in this style one day.

A friend and co-worker was having a garage sale and knew Gwyn loved these type of prints so I was directed right to them. She loves them, except the sailor girl who she says is too angry.

I found this amazing NASA hoodie on Morris on my birthday thrift adventure. It is just too bad it is a little small for Gwyn by now, she is a space fanatic.

This neato old stapler caught my eye, mainly because we don't have a stapler in our house of two students who constantly have papers due. How does that even happen?

Will owls ever get old? I hope not because I still love them.

This card case fits business cards, which leads me to believe it would be the perfect size for instax mini photos. I would really love one of those cameras one day, I'm a sucker for small cute and instant things.

A little yellow case for 45's. Gwyn has a small collection but I want to find her some old movie sound tracks like I had as a kiddo to keep in a special case until she is old enough to play them herself.

and a fabulous bright red danish modern cooking pot. Missing a piece on the handle but I love the shape!

I hope your adventures find you well. Tomorrow is a short day of work at the bistro and then off to the studio to show more kids how to make shirts!


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marysza said...

i love your new finds! especially the name card box and the yellow one! :D


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