Creature Feature ...

My goal this month, and for the next 3 months is to try to make one creature a day in preparation for the various shows and holiday craft sales that will be fast approaching in the fall. So far I have been pretty productive!

I'll be honest when I say I have had a few nights where I just haven't mustered up the inspiration but only a couple and I've got a good lot of monsters waiting to be photographed. A few of the ones below have already found homes.

I will have more creatures to share soon and more news regarding where creatures will be available locally! Very exciting stuff. Now for a relaxing weekend 



Cassandra said...

So cute!! I'm trying to do the same thing right now. Good luck on your creature-creating endeavors.

marathon1981 said...

Thanks so much! I keep hearing that July is the time to get ready for christmas holiday season, so I'm trying to take it serious this time hehe

Daria w. Photography said...

they are soo cute! I like the most the second one I think!!


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