Creature Feature

A few new folks I've been dabbling with, a new look for rabbit types. 

I can't seem to get away from making rabbits of any kind. I think they will always have a place in my artwork.

and sea creatures as well. This little lady came to me last night and I love the way her legs turned out!

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm so excited for the weekend!



Cassandra said...

So much cuteness! I love those bunnies. And the sea lady. I hope you never stop making either. One of these days I'm going to pick a favorite and bring it home. :)

marathon1981 said...

Cassandra you are the best (:

Tawny said...

I love the legs on the sea creature as well! So perfectly curled. :D

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Tawny, I think I will be making some more tonight! Free sewing on the machine can be so much fun! (:


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