Craft on the Loose 2011

Yesterday was the opening of the 2011 edition of Craft on the Loose, and outdoor exhibition of crafty goodness for all to see. I submitted a piece, so the fam and I were set to attend.

The Manitoba crafts museum and library provided juice boxes for the attendees

Gwyn found a flower

Here we are on location where my piece is hanging on Corydon Ave.

I used a LOT of the vintage bias tape I had in my supplies to create the feathery scales on this fishbird creature.

G felt like she needed to pose all evening

I kind of envisioned this creature like a hovering blimp of plush coming at ya!

Michael wrote me a nice little artist bio for the tag ... I'm terrible at writing about my own self

Unfortunately our tour got cut short after an "accident" (toilet training) but we will get a chance to see the exhibit in it's entirety until the 27th!



Cassandra said...

That's a neato lookin creature you've got there. Congrats on being included in the show! It sounds cool. :)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks, it's pretty neat! I'm actually preparing for a show in October but I don't want to spill the beans yet until it is more confirmed but i'm excited for my stuff to get "out there" (:

Katie said...

I want to live vicariously through you for a long time. Looks amazing!

marathon1981 said...

Katie you are welcome too any time (:


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