Hello to all you folks I hope you are having a fabulous Saturday night! Just wanted to invite those of you who haven't seen, the blog has a new look! Summer is here and I thought a fresh face for marathon1981 was in order.

Bright colours, wider photos, what do you think? I'm still touching up little bits, but so far I like it!

Tomorrow the girl and I are spending the day together, Mike is on the road for a jam night with the guys and tonight I think I'll break away from the computer and get sewing!



Cassandra said...

I love it! Is that a fabric background? I love the wider photos. I've been thinking of doing a wider format too, but I'm having trouble letting go of my 3 columns. :)

marathon1981 said...

Ah thank, and that's exactly it, I loved 3 columns! I might switch back some time, it felt so much more organized, but I really do love the bigger space for pictures (: and yes, a fabric background hehe

Tawny said...

Gorgeous! I love the background.

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Tawny, it's a fabulous piece of vintage fabric I found thrifting!


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