Printing time

Well I think I said something about showing off my print work that I did this past while, so here is a few pieces. Above is the t-shirt design Michael and I worked on for his show last week. The ink is silver on black t-shirts ... it didn't photograph that well, but they look really sharp for something we did on the kitchen table, and we already sold 2!

You've seen this guy before but here he is again. I sent my brother in Japan a t-shirt with this character on it and apparently it was a hit with his students

This is a lino-cut technique of an elephant character couple. I enjoyed lino-cut because it made my think in terms of black and white, sharp lines, and I got to use a sharp tool!

Another couple lino-cuts, Inky the octopus

and 'the family'.

I will be returning to the studio in the near future to work on some more prints. I have a few bits of exciting news to share, but I will wait until further details are clear ... excitement!


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Cassandra said...

Any octopus in pompom hat Tshirts coming to the shop anytime soon?? Who's a big fan? This gal. ;)


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