for me?

Have you even been surprised, like really really surprised?

I am a terrible guesser. I guess that means a great guesser. Terrible for the person who tries to make me guess something when they don't really want me to guess, because I always do.

This fact makes it difficult for Michael to ever surprise me with anything because my little mind cogs get spinning and I figure things out. Now to his credit, yesterday he surprised me!

Apparently I have been 'whining' about my 30th birthday for some time. I just wanted it to be a memorable one because I've been looking forward to turning 30 since I turned 20. Yes, I guess I'm crazy. But somehow in my mind it was supposed to be a big deal.

So Mike spent the last 3 months plotting and tricking and planning and scheming and completely 100% surprised me with a surprise 30th birthday party one month early. It had to be early because I would have guessed ... so I had NO idea it was coming!

We are good friends with our next-door neighbors in our apartment and regularly watch movies with them so when Mike told me we were going over, I just thought we were going over, but we walked in and a whole bunch of people I knew were sitting there grinning at me yelling "surprise!" and I had no idea at all. It was the greatest and I want to thank Mike and my friends for lying to me for months to make it all happen. Not only that, but he organized a 'Seattle Fund' where everyone donated to send me on my way to the Plush You! opening in October!! I'm really going!!!!

Thank you Michael, my most wonderful partner in crime, and thank you to my wonderful friends!
I originally thought it would be funny to have a John Cusack themed party, so this photo made me laugh ...
Also, because I was so surprised I didn't bring a camera and have no photos of my own to share!



Kill-A-DJ said...

Actually, the Seattle-fund was Andie's idea. I just passed it along to the rest of the folks.

Katie said...

eeek! I got shivers reading this post (also there's a cold breeze but that's besides the point!)
happy early birthday madam Kami!! That's great!

marathon1981 said...

WHy thanks Katiedoll (: I hope you are doing well out in the world!!


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