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I'm so excited for this coming weekend because we just booked our FIRST family camping trip! M and I both used to go camping with our families as kids at a place called Clear Lake in Wasagaming which is about 3 hours north of Winnipeg. I have so many great memories of the little shops in the town, catching crawfish in the lake and bike rides on trails.
Gwyn has never been camping and I'm not sure she totally understands what it is all about but since we told her she keeps saying she wants to go NOW! and I have to tell her it will be 5 more sleeps etc. I'm hoping we can make this a family tradition of our own. Do you love camping too? We are going in a tent. My family used to have a pop up trailer with 3 beds, so it meant the kids had to share cuz there were 4 of us and my folks and so many fights over who got which spot. Lucky thing about one kiddo ... no fights!



PoetessWug said...

I get that a 'LOT' of people love camping...and good for you! :-)) NOT a fan!! I've gone a few times. It's never been a wonderful experience. Maybe that 'trailer' thing might have made a difference...I doubt it! LOL But you all clearly love it, so good for you. ENJOY!!!

marathon1981 said...

hah thanks Deb, I know it's not for everyone! I still like being close to 'amenities' and not all the way in the bush! (:

Cassandra said...

I really love camping! I bet G is going to have so much fun!

The problem for me is finding a good spot. The couple places I've been I really liked - we'd usually go out on a Thursday and stay through to Monday. However, once the weekend got into full swing, the grounds would always get overrun with rowdy partiers. Which we're not. And watching them trash the grounds and the quiet have really put a damper on my trips. Can't stand it and totally killed my love of it I guess. I didn't even go once last year. Sigh - I'd love to find a new, good, quiet spot though.

Take lots of pics to share with us!

(Sorry this is so long already, but I just had to share that my capcha code is "waysted"! How's that for a coincidence. Can't get away from those boozers!) ;)

marathon1981 said...

Oh I know what you mean about drunk people wrecking the experience. We have a folk festival here and I went a couple years but camping is just a huge bar party and it's too much for me (: I'm hoping for a quiet time and yes, lots of pictures!


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