Creature Feature

I've been slowly but surely working on new creatures these days.  This creature came together the other day when I finished his little vest and jeans!

I came across some amazing floral fabric and I couldn't just let it go to the pile so this little lady was born.

I other exciting softie news, Stuffed Magazine comes out on July 1 and three of my creatures will be IN PRINT! I'm so excited to get my copy of it and feel like a real live artist. 

And ... a couple weeks ago I also met with some local shop owners who are interested in selling some of my creatures so I have to get busy making a dozen or so for the shop. I have to remember to photograph them all to share with you before they find their new homes.

All the best for the coming Wednesday!



marysza said...

omg Kami your monsters look so proffesional now!!! seriously they are brilliant!

Ava said...

So umm.. cute? No, cute is not the right word. But something postivie deffinetely. So quirky and weird cute! Is there a word for that kind of things?
Anyways, just wanted to say I like your creatures a lot!

Cassandra said...

Kami, that is so very cool! Sounds like big things are coming your way. I'm so happy for you! Creatures in real live print?! Wow. Congratulations. <3

I very much love your little vest and jeans guy there. I think, aside from your octo ladies, that he's probably my favorite of yours!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks so much ladies, I feel like I kinda don't know what to do when things take off in a good way, I panic a bit but I know there is a great community of crafty supporters out there (: It's all very exciting to share with you!


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