Last night I spent some time preparing packages that have been waiting to be shipped now that our "postal disruption" has come to a conclusion for the time being.  I am so grateful for the wonderful customers who were willing to wait this out with me, THANK YOU!!! Your packages are on their way as fast as they can be processed.

(photo via outdoorknit.blogspot.com)

I also spent some time working on my submission for this year's Craft of the Loose exhibit. Last year Gwyn and I were spectators. This time I am working on a big bizarre plush creature creation that will be hanging somewhere outside on Corydon Ave in July for the duration of the exhibit. I will have some photos soon when it is closer to completion.

Have a wonderful hump-day!



PoetessWug said...

YAY!!! The postal issues are over, huh?!!

marathon1981 said...

Yeah for now, thanks goodness! Everyone is back to work and the packages are out! (:


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