It looks as though my efforts to be a more active blogger have failed me this week, eek!

Tomorrow (I'm so excited!!) I am starting orientation at my new summer job with Martha Street Studio, where I've been asked to co-teach a workshop on screen printing t-shirts! This opportunity came up and I was able to make it work with my full time job so that I can teach once a week on Friday afternoons. I get to find out all the details tomorrow but I am over the moon right now!

Last night I got a chance to lend my skills to Mike while he played a show with his band SKF as the "merch girl". I figured if there was anything I was good at it was sitting behind a table selling handmade things which included the t-shirts we printed and the records he made. Success! (I was also the dork at the metal show needle felting a sloth, as can be seen on our cash box hehe)

Gwyn has been at sleepover with G and G and is coming back very soon so we're gonna spent today hanging out at the park and enjoying the sunshine!

Hope your weekend is wonderful


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Katie said...

I'm so happy to see you reppin Lyle Lovett!!!!


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