Found it!

Thanks to all the lovelies who came out to the Crafty Minions sale on Saturday! I will have to admit it was my most disorganized (personally) show ... I didn't even have a float for change ready on the morning of so I had to run to safeway and get some fives! But it was a great afternoon and as always, great company of fellow crafters and enthusiasts. Next one is in August and I'm already looking forward to doing it again.

And now, a selection my treasures as of late ...

I came across this piece and couldn't figure what it was for at first ....

a new addition to my ever growing out of control globe collection, the smallest one in the middle. Do you collect globes? I feel like a lot of people do, or want to (: I'm on the hunt for a moon globe and a black water globe ...

A little brass cat for hanging aprons in the kitchen (also, my kitchen isn't quite so 'yellow' but doesn't get any natural light ...)

sweet gingham glasses

some vintage fabric with great patterns. I have no idea what I will make yet, perhaps a simple dress for Gwyn of a skirt for me ?

Bright pink handled cutlery set. I've never had a matching set of cutlery in my life (do you say silverware?)

and this amazing tape recorder for Gwyn, who loves the sound of her own voice. Now we just have to find some blank tapes ... not as easy as it used to be.

Have a fabulous week!



Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I love the cutlery!

I had full intentions to chat with you more on Saturday but the traffic and K2's shopping had me distracted in a good way!

marathon1981 said...

Yes I did too!! Being across the room kinda makes a big difference and all my quieter time was spent chasing the kiddo! (: Maybe at the swap meet!


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