Found it!

This week I've been thrifting like crazy but I haven't been so quick with the picture taking. Luckily we have actually has some amazing sunny weather lately but that doesn't make for the best picture lighting in my little sun porch full of glare and shadows.

Above I found this sad little Dansk Paella pan in rough shape but cleaned it up nice as best I could!

How awesome is this cat mug made in Japan

A fantastic little spring coat in navy blue gingham

and a cat sweater I want to be in my size so bad!

This cow pitcher is made in Finland and these sweet birds in Denmark ... my dream places to visit!

Garage sales are getting into full swing around here so I should have some more regular finds to show you all summer long!



PoetessWug said...

I just wonder what you do with your finds once you've found them. Do you have a place where you sell them, or are they just things for you?!...You have some cute things there.

marathon1981 said...

Yes I mostly sell them in my etsy shops!
http://marathon1981.etsy.com for most vintage finds and
http://youngteam1981.etsy.com for the kiddo stuff!
Sometimes I have to keep things for me, at least for a little while .. my storage spot gets too full and I have to rotate (:

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

we need to go garage saling together! you have such a great eye!!!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Ruth! One of these days I think we should organize a souther manitoba WEST MCC/garage sale trip .. maybe when the roads are open!


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