A few new creatures

I haven't been sewing as much as I need to lately, but this week I came up with a few new creatures. This little pengu was a custom request from a friend for her sister's birthday. I've never done a penguin before but I LOVE how he turned out so much that I am going to be making a few more. The fabric on his belly came from a wonderful customer in Japan last year who sent a package of fabric as an appreciation gift for custom work I did for her.

The little toque was something I made that didn't suit another creature, but was perfect for Pengu!

Here his is without his hat ... a little chilly!

This wild creature just came together after I found some messy yellow fun fur at the bottom of my pile. I liked the crazed look of it and this creature is what followed. He has hand stitched scales/feathers on his chest and little pointy legs.

Only a few more weeks until the next craft show so I've gotta get stitching!



Cassandra said...

So cute! I have day dreams (while at the dayjob) of madly churning out plushies in preparation for the day when I'll finally be ready for a craftshow of my own. Then when I get home...pooped! You must be a super woman - school, work, a house to run, a munchkin AND craft time? Rock on chica.

marysza said...

i LOVELOVE that first plushie! Kami, I ound a site http://www.plushteam.com/
and I didn't see you as a member, so I thought you didn't saw it earlier :) and I wanted to show you. It's a lovely site for people making plushies!


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

pengu!!!!!! love it!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies! Yeah it can be kinda busy around here but now school is done for the time being (:
Agnes I looked at the Plush Team but each shop has to have at least 60% plush and right now I have more vintage stuff so I don't qualify ): maybe next year!


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