Oh little blog, I have been away so long! It has been another busy little time around here, but today was a family day off and we all spent time organizing, spring cleaning, playing and going for walks.

This is the view behind our apartment right now with the Red River on it's way up up up. Last year the river flooding was pretty big, but this year I think it will be a record flood. 

It is times like this when I am glad we are renters and don't have to worry about our basement flooding!

There is our little white van up the hill

Gwyn and I were watching some ducks and geese land on the water. The other night we even saw a kayaker making his way upstream. Pretty brave!

First swing of the year in our local park. It was crazy to see how much G has grown compared to last fall in that little kiddo swing!

Walking home with mum and dad ... she really didn't want to go back inside. It has been nice having longer and warmer days, but I feel like I have been busy but not productive ... do you ever get like that? 

hope you are having a wonderful warm weekend



PoetessWug said...

Busy, but not productive, has it's place. Muscles move and brain cells learn how to link! LOL Just enjoy it. There's too much over-expectation going on these days. Whatever you're doing...enjoy that! {Just one Wug's opinion! :-))}

Cassandra said...

Oh my, I know exactly what you mean. (See my latest blog post. Ha!) I don't know what it is, but I'm going to blame it on the time of year. I feel like I have so much to do that it overwhelms me and I just want to sit on the couch and watch trash TV. But then I feel guilty for sitting doing nothing, so I clean the house or do some yard work. Then I feel spent and I haven't even gotten anything else done (like try the new patterns I bought, finish a plush, start that new idea I had...). Ugh, I'm right there with ya girlie!

erinmakesitwork said...

My entire day has been that way. I had to do a grocery run, run a few other errands, a meeting or two and a sinus headache to contend with. Now, I'm exhausted and too late to accomplish any good work tonight, but I feel like I got nothing good.

marathon1981 said...

oh I'm so glad someone knows what I mean! I've been trying to bust out but it's a million things or nothing gets done. Cassandra I was kind of inspired by your post because I was feeling the same!
Erin, it was the same kind of day for me today toooo!


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