The Outside Times

We have finally been having some wonderful weather here in Winnipeg which mean our collective family cabin fever is coming to a close. Living in an apartment means we don't have a lot of green space to call our own, but luckily there are a lot of parks in our area, and if we feel like a new park ... off we go to find one!

This is G at our local park just across the street from our building on Easter Sunday after we all went out for family breakfast at a local cafe.
She's wearing a great vintage dress gifted from the lovely DizzyDame, a red vintage cardigan and her sparkly silver moon boots from Old Navy.

Bike rides and tumbling down the hill!

We drove across town to the park where Mike played as a kiddo, one of the few parks that still has some of the old equipment like these mushrooms

and the climbing elephant. There is a picture somewhere of Mike at the same age climbing this guy too.

big kid swingin

and here's a sweet new jacket I got at a clothing swap over the weekend! 

I hope the weather in your town is bringing you sunshine!



PoetessWug said...

Ithink we may actually get some sunshine today! It's muggy right now. But hey! It's not rain! :-) Have a good and playful day!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

awww! love her dress and you look stylin' in your new jacket too

Cassandra said...

Gwyn is one of the most stylish kiddos I know. Probably the most, actually. :)

Looks like you guys are enjoying the sun! Wish it would stop raining long enough so that we could do the same. That tends to be a habit of Michigan - raining through the sunshine. :(

marathon1981 said...

yes the sun has been wonderful but I almost wish for some rain, it is very windy and dusty here from the sand and salt that was put on the roads during winter time. It needs to wash away and wash out of all the grass and become GREEEEEN!


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