I made shirts!

This Thursday was my last printing workshop with Martha Street Studio and I was able to bring in a few t-shirts from home to screen print my design on. I basically brought all the blank shirts I could find at home to test out my skills, so we now all have matching shirts.

I think it will be funny to make Mike and Gwyn wear their shirts to our little art showing next week so it looks like I have a fan club!

Gwyn was very excited to wear her new shirts today with matching vintage skirt. She is such a stylin kiddo!

Here is my final screen printing project, a 7 colour print of my little winterized ocotocreature.

The process was confusing at first, but I finally figured it all out and have fallen completely in love with screen printing. This summer I am going to find ways to spend time at Martha Street Studio working on more printing and then possibly applying for a continuation of the youth program I did this spring. 

Now my brain in being completely eaten up by the idea of the exam I have on Monday and I have to study. I will be back with more Found It! posts and 9 things I like very soon.



marysza said...

the print looks amazing on the shirt! you should start making those more :) for bigger kiddos too (f.e. me;D)


i got you pay-it forward package and the sweet bunny! i posted in on my blog, thank you sooo much everything is beautiful! and hanging on my wall! ;D

melanie said...

cute! love your blog!!

marathon1981 said...

Hooray, thanks ladies!

Agnes I am glad you got the package, sorry it took so long to send!!

Cassandra said...

Awesome shirts! Gwyn looks so cute and excited about hers! I second that - I think you should make more. I'd love to take a screen printing course. Looks neato!

marathon1981 said...

I totally want to make more. Now I just have to figure out where to get cheap shirts and how to do it on my kitchen table! hehe


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