Found it!

Happy Easter weekend to all the folks out there. Easter is my favorite holiday for so many reasons but I always look forward to the easter egg hunt with my family. My folks have done one every year for us kids even though we are grown up ... and now Gwyn is the excuse! 

Here are some of my treasure hunts over the last little while...

I love the expression on this noble squirrel's little face

a happy red desk lamp

aaaaaaamazing vintage shoe for me ... just my size and perfect for skirts and tights ...

and a matching pair for the girl!

this little pyrex oil jar makes me happy

1979 original Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I remember having some of these as a kiddo, they still have the same smell!

and this was my favorite find of the week. I went out to look for this exact house, and there it was for only $4! I felt like everyone else in the shop was going for it I almost ran over and grabbed it. Gwyn has been having a lot of fun with this one. I had the same one as a kid as well and it was a favorite. Did you ever play with this house? I loved the doorbell!



zenbecca said...

Buster Browns!!! I think I had those in 1976.

Tawny said...

Oh my gosh! I had those Strawberry Shortcake dolls when I was a kid too! And they smelled so good. :)

Cassandra said...

I absolutely had that house when I was little! My sister and I would play with it all the time. Great find.

And I love your new shoes!

marathon1981 said...

Oh i love finding memory items that make people remember the good stuff about being a kiddo (:

oh, lovely day! said...

ah! i love squirrels! that is too cute!
i am also loving those shoes. i'm on the look out for some just like them!



marathon1981 said...

Hi Sarah, I hope your hunt is successful! Finding vintage shoes that are awesome AND fit is SUCH a hard one!!


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