Found it!

This week G and I didn't have much of a chance to go treasure hunting until the weekend and we scored BIG TIME!! I have so many new finds I didn't even get a chance to photograph them all, but here are some highlights .... Amazing armadillo candle. I just imagined this sitting on someone's mantle for the last 25 years and then one day I found it. So cute.

Pink enamel. 

brown enamel

a BIG red pyrex 404. I looked this up after, but apparently the red 404 was only produced as a single not a set and is kinda rare. Sweet!

also this delphite (blue glass) golden grapes bowl was a promotional piece made as a chip and dip bowl set. This was found alone, the smaller of the two but still kinda pretty. 

found a 1960's polaroid WITH FILM! ... The film expired 1969 ... so I don't think it will work, but I might try it out. Or put it in the shop (:

more sweet enamel. I like the green pattern on this bright yellowy colour.

and some blue cast iron enamel. Can you tell what my eyes have been looking for lately?

G and I were keeping an eye out for Fisher Price people as well. She had a great set of Mike's old toys at G and G's place, but we wanted some for home ... came across a huge bag full for only $4, plus a firetruck for $3. The three characters above are what she calls her family. I'm the red one, Mike is green and of course G is the little girl in blue.

and check out these fab suede 1970's platform disco beauties! You can check out the shop for a few of these finds and maybe more as the week goes by!

Happy Monday morning soon!



marysza said...

lovely treasures! that really is a candle;o omg! i love those enamel's especially that flat yellow one!
and that polaroid with fim really was a lucky find;p


PoetessWug said...

What great finds! I think I have the clear glass chip and dip bowl with the gold leaf pattern myself! :-)

crippin211 said...

I actually found the exact same armadillo candle this weekend as well... how weird is that?

marathon1981 said...

crippin, thats amazing! I wonder what crazy factory thought it was a good idea to make these.. cuz it kind of is!


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