We Won!

Last month I entered a giveaway contest on ionlylikemonsters.com The giveaway contest was to write a haiku about one of the monsters on the site, and a choice of 4 giveaway items ....

well I won first place and got to make my selection from the fabulous prizes ... of course I had to choose this fab monster from Scrumptious Delight, fellow Canadian monster maker! This is also my first online  contest win so Gwyn and I are super excited to add this fluffasaurus to our creature collections.


Katie said...

i don't know who's cuter - G or the F-Saurus!
With her striped tights and the ghost, I have visions of beetle juice and the ghosts from the haunted houses in super mario world... you're raising G in the early 90s aren't you!?!

marathon1981 said...

oh I can't help it, it's all I knew as a child!!

Kamika said...

I found you from over on Freckled Nest, we have the same name! :) I love your creations, and wooot on winning!!!!

marathon1981 said...

Hi Kamika wonderful to meet you! So few Kami's in the world nice to meet another!! (:


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