My Mad-scientist "studio" and a WIP

Here are some photos of my "studio" space where all my creatures come alive.
These shots are for Cassandra who is probably the complete opposite when it comes to organization (:

I call it a "studio" because this is really part of our bedroom, and is only a small corner where I cram as much creativity and fabric as I can.

I find my creative process comes out best when I can make a huge mess. This isn't ALWAYS how it looks ... I like to keep notions on their boxes and bins and fabric folded and sorted by colour and type for the most part ... but I thought I would take some photos right in the middle of a large project.

 I usually work right through a project from start to finish before I lift my head so I never think to document it ... but this custom order for a friend's new nephew is a big guy, as you can see on my sewing machine, his head is huge!

I needed to take a few breaks and he's still not complete yet, but there you have it .... this is how things unfold when I'm creating. I dig out fabrics and colours until everything is just right, and I have to admit, sometimes it takes a while for things to find their place again, but they always do!

I will have some photos of the final monster coming up so check back



marysza said...

haha omg that is such a mess! i love it! this corner is so creative!

marathon1981 said...

yes, it IS a great mess isn't it! (: I'll do a photo one day when it is clean haha

Cassandra said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! This is insanity via crafty genius! LOL

Nope...I don't know if I could function in there - not to mention Jon would KILL me. Good thing I have my own room and can just close the door if I need to. He already thinks I'm a packrat and that my room is a mess. And it is...sometimes. But not quite like the monumental madness that you seem to have going on there! ;)

I love to see how other people work. Thanks so much for taking a break to share!

marathon1981 said...

Mike would probably like to kill me but he wants me to mention that he does NOT complain about it because he knows how much work i get done AND is supportive (: (he is also over my shoulder!) haha


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