This afternoon G and I spent some time making a little project I have been dying to try for a while. I had been saving up supplied to make some little terrariums all winter until we could find some moss. Just the other day while visiting my folks, we came across some beautiful moss on top of the snow, in nice green round chunks with no soil attached. I wondered how on earth the moss go to be there, but scooped up a few pieces to take home.

We gathered our supplies and went into the freshly opened sunroom in our apartment. It is SO nice to have weather warm enough to open the porch again!

 Gwyn was very excited to be a helper, she always likes to be right in the mix and tell me what to do next. I got her to put the stones in the jars very nicely. I chose an old pyrex coffee pot and she had a little jar, and we did one more mason jar.

I have never put together a terrarium before so I didn't want this to be a tutorial ... just incase they all die! But here is some of our supplies ... soil, rocks, small pebbles, moss and of course some plastic animals (spiderman was not included in this project ...)

it was nice to have small hands to reach into the jars!

and after all that, here is one of our little beauties. If you can see, this one has a tiny little black and white cow grazing on some new green moss.

We will have to see if they last, and then maybe I'll make more with a step by step guide. Sometimes it is hard to wrangle a kiddo and take pictures of a project at the same time!


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PoetessWug said...

What a great idea, to use the coffee pot! :-)


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