Found it!

This weekend I was out in Steinbach for my cousin's wedding ... which also meant a chance to hit up the biggest MCC thrift store I've seen yet! I found this sweet barbed wire pyrex casserole dish for a steal!

other finds this week include a flowery retro poncho type shawl

very cute and very teeny shoes. Why did I buy teeny shoes you ask? ...

NO we're not having another kiddo ... I'm having another shop! I've decided to launch a second etsy shop to house my vintage kiddo finds. It will be launching this spring (probably after exams) and I'm super exicted, but I will let you know the official details coming up 

a little jackalope with sweet brown flocking. 

this dutch oven is made by Copdo Denmark and is SO heavy. It's just 9 inches across but weights 5.5 lbs!

I love the shapes on this simple teapot. When I found it, there was not much shine to it, but once polished up I think it's pretty swell

and this sweet little find also came from the MCC. Someone had left it in a cart and no one was around so I snagged

this is now Gwyn's new favorite place to do "projects" and have lunch

Hope you've had a good weekend. I'm getting some creatures ready for one more springtime show at the Edge Gallery. I won't be there, but my creatures will, check it out if you are in the area



PoetessWug said...

I'm all about the shiny teapot! ... All I'd need is some green tea. :-)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

rural MCC stores = heaven!

looking forward to seeing your new shop


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