Found it!

This week I actually had some amazing luck finding some vintage goodness for MYSELF!
I feel like I have given up in the past on finding good vintage clothing, in my size, let alone dresses. Lately I figured I'd just check the dress section and to my amazement I found 3 dresses in the last week!

I love the daisy pocket applique on this hand made gingham beauty. I'm getting so excited for spring!

and a lovely fortrel black and white dress, I need to find the perfect belt

and this little summer beauty!

Seriously exciting! I also found a sweet piratey shirt too made for Eatons

and in will all that goodness some great vintage finds for G too! I wish this chevron shawl was my size! I have a huge crush on chevrons lately.

a nice blouse

this beautiful thick wool jacket was made in England by Mothercare ... what a cute name

and a fancy tooled leather belt that ways JIM on the back

Hope you've had a thrifty week too! 



PoetessWug said...

WOW! Great finds!...The gingham looking dress with the daisy on the pocket is my favorite!!...And if you get to 'hankering' for that chevron shawl too much, come on over to my Wuglyees Etsy shop and let me custom make it for you! I'm sure I could come up with something to your liking. :-)) Just saying!! ^_^

marysza said...

wow i love that belt and this wool jacket;d

marathon1981 said...

thanks ladies!

and thanks for the top poetess ;)

marathon1981 said...

I mean TIP!


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