Found it!

I feel like it has been ages since I did a Found it! post, but here we are! I finally had some extra time and cash to hit a few thrift stores with the girl over the weekend. We came across so many good finds, we didn't even take them all home!
Above is a set of 7 vintage party invites. I love the design and the colours!

Another small beautiful enameled flame red sauce pot. I would theme my kitchen in these colours if we were allowed to paint!

At first I passed by this little book, but on second look, the colours drew me in and I found that it was filled ....

with records! Old 33's and 45's which are perfect for the little record player I found last month!

Every vintage record collection needs at least one Nana record!

One thrift shop we went to had LOADS of vintage pyrex! Not all of it was in great shape, but I was drawn to this bold pattern and great condition. I have a few mixing bowls this size, but it goes so well with the snowflake pattern ones too.

among that lot of pyrex we also came across this set of fridgies in near perfect condition. Only the lid for the green is missing so I will keep my eyes open in the lid bins that every thrift store seems to have at the end of the pots and pans shelf.

these funky retro daisy glasses came in a set of 4, again all in perfect shape! We has such luck this trip for finding these without chips in the rim. I usually run my finger around all the edges to make sure ... the the risk of slicing myself (hasn't happened yet!)

and of course some finds for the girl, who is always a great helper finding things on the bottom shelf ... like this fabulous retro plastic tea set. This is her new favorite activity ... both Mike and I have had our share of invisible cream drinks and plastic bananas.

A couple more awesome sweaters that I REALLY want to have in my size!!!

And a pretty camping thermos to add to my growing collection 

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Reading week for students is over and today was back to class. Now I just have to study for Friday's test and get off the compy!



Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

cool stuff!
all of that is yours? waoow.. ;D

PoetessWug said...

All cute, but the daisy drinking glasses are fabu!!! :-))

marathon1981 said...

Thanks ladies, it was a good finding week woohoo!!


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