Cthulhu as a Young Man for a boy named Max

Here is the final version of the WIP had on my chaos desk in a previous post. This is the largest plush I have made so far and he was so much fun, I am working on another large scale project already!

Of course I always get G to test out the newest creatures and this guy is totally fun to dance with and hug

You can't see in these photos but he also has little wings coming from his back

I sure hope little Max will love him!



Just the Goods said...

OMG!!!! This guy is AMAZING! I hope Max loves him, too!!! I can't wait to see him in person =-) He looks almost done enough for Crafty Minions??? Let me know, but in any case, I'll see you there =-)

marathon1981 said...

Yes he's totally done and will be at CM ready to represent!! (:

marysza said...

omg he is sooooooo big!! great idea and great work!!!!!


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