Creature creatures

Here are some creatures I haven't show you before. I just finished this octolady the other day. She was meant to be something else that didn't turn out, and she evolved from a beautiful mistake!

and then I added a toque!

this brilliant red never seems to turn out in photos, but it's pretty bright! I found the yarn at a thrift store and wanted to make something amazing with it ... what better than creature hats!

here is a little mer-monster with sweet cheeks

another armless rabbit hopster

a fishyboy with a red hat

and a frogman with bright purple legs. 

most of these guys were cutting room floor inspirations and just fell together. Sometimes I love when work does that for me! I feel like when I over plan a project it doesn't turn out. Today at my print making class I was working on a copper etching project where I ended up having to make touchups ... which in the end kind of screwed up the project. I came away frustrated because I really wanted to make good use of my time there, and now I have to correct a number of things. I won't get into the details of the process, but copper etching is very process intensive and going back to fix something takes a lot more effort than just an eraser! 

Artistic processes are something I have been thinking a lot about lately. I've been trying to understand how my own mind works when it wants to make something. I have come to realize I like using hard bold lines and colours, I don't sketch well, I don't like to erase, I make a mistake into something else ... like the creatures above ... a wrong line in a drawing can become a whole other landscape I didn't know was happening. When I plan a project out first and something goes wrong I have a hard time accepting, so I tend not to plan and just wing it, which most of the time goes well.

Anyways, that is my art rant for today ...
I would love to hear about your processes and ideas too!



marysza said...

ohh a love that frogman and the first creature! they are my fav!
your gettin better and better every day Kami! wish you more inspirations! xxxx

Cassandra said...

First off - I love those new creatures!! Everytime you post a new creature - I run over to the shop to see if they're up yet...will they be going in?

Second - I wish I could be more like you!! I really do! I envy the (mostly plush) artists I see on Etsy and elsewhere who can just throw something together so organically and it turns out so cool. I've tried your method so many times, but I can't seem to break from my "get an idea, draw a sketch, make sure sketch will work into a pattern, make a pattern, sew it up" method. I often imagine that doing it the other way is so much more fun and freeing... :( (NOT that I don't love my plushies too! I just wish every now and then I could break outta the box. Any tips?)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

I like the octomom without the red hat, but that's just me, I like the grey fabric showing... - I think she deserves a chapeau with a feather....

marathon1981 said...

Thanks wonderful ladies! Agnes the inspirational wish is fabulous!

Cassandra, I think my tip would be do what you love. I guess that seems simple but if something works, then it is freeing (: Sometime i wish I could plan or make something work from a drawing! also, some of these creatures are coming home from a local show today and will be appearing in the shop (:

Ruth, I love the gray fabric too, I just couldn't decide but I did think a beret might fit her too ... I like the ideas of feathers!


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