Crafty Minions March 2011: The Visual

This past Saturday was the 3rd Crafty Minions sale to take place at Aqua Books in Winnipeg and it was another great event! Once again I got to share a room with some familiar friends and some new ones in the crafty scene. Unfortunately ... like is usually the case at sales, I didn't get to wonder around and meet everyone or even see every table, but I did take a few photos

Andee representing local brick and mortar shop Sew Dandee

Chelsea of SeaCaps and her beautiful work, she contributed the green hat to the stone angel above!

Melanie from Papertrail Craft Co. who makes awesome one of a kind cards

tech geek jewelry from Periwinkle Dzyns 

my even entertaining tweeting table neighbor Rebecca of Everything Is Ticketyboo

and Eat! Bistro's own beautiful Dora the cookie girl!

There were really quite a few vendors at this sale, the entire upper floor of the building was bursting with handmade and vintage goodness. There was an entire ROOM of vintage pyrex at the end of the hall that had me drooling like crazy.

So many great people came by and braved the less than pleasant weather Saturday afternoon had to offer and the afternoon totally flew by.

Here is my little spot at the desk where I had a chance to hang my new jelly ladies

off the the side there was huge old shoe shine bench where some creatures were hanging out.

It was a really fun sale and I think everyone is looking forward to the next one in May!



Cassandra said...

Wow! You were a busy little beaver weren't you? Look at all those dolls! Congrats on the show - I hope you and all your lovely crafty neighbors did well.

Just the Goods said...

Whee! You always post the best pics, and so fast! Loved your display this time, round... the jelly fish are OMGLICIOUS! ;-)

jake + cleo said...

those jelly fish ladies are awesome! I loved getting to see them in person :)

Dandee said...

Thanks so much for posting these pics, Kami! They're great! I had such a fun day I don't even know if I made any money! Signs of a great sale!

zenbecca said...

You were the best neighbour ever. See you at the next one (but hopefully sooner!!)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

yay for remembering your camera!
a room of vintage pyrex? how the heck did I miss that??? geez I need to bring me a helper to these things so I can shop...wait, maybe not...

marathon1981 said...

totally a sign of a good sale, so many happy commenters!!


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