Crafty Minions March 12

SO excited for the spring edition of the Crafty Minions sale coming up THIS Saturday! I just finished tagging and pricing a huge trunk full of creatures ... I didn't realize how many I have accumulated since after Christmas, I just keep making them. 

If you are in the local area come down to say hi! I'm also looking forward to seeing so many great crafty friends selling at this one too.



Cara Jess Mason said...

I'm so excited for it too!
I swear, soon as I get pregnant I'll be handing over wads of cash to you for your goodies.
Last time I got so baby crazy watching your table!
-Cara Mason

Katie said...

Is it sad that this is probably the part of Winnipeg I miss the most? Crafty Minions?
Good luck Kami - and don't forget to have someone there to help so you can take food and bathroom breaks!!!

Amy said...

Hello there! Great blog, thanks for following me, I'm following too. Love your work :)

marathon1981 said...

Thanks Katie, I did good (: Lots of pee breaks, but then again Aqua is like home so it was an easy one (:

thanks too amy, good to meet you!


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