Big Soft News!!

Today I am very excited .... !!!!

I recently found out that I've been accepted into STUFFED Magazine's upcoming issue for July AND ....
PLUSH YOU! 2011!!!



Basically I've been jumping up and down inside for this entire week.
I'm working on some creatures for the submission for PlushYou! that I will show you when I'm done, but I think I'm in plushie maker heaven and haven't come to reality yet.

phewph.  I have to finish my university class and my exam is quickly approaching ... I'd much rather be sewing than studying statistics ... but I'm trying to maintain focus before I go wild. 

You should also check out the sweet little ladies that found new homes over the weekend at Freckled Nest! Thanks LA!



Cassandra said...

OMG!!! Congratulations, Kami!! That is so cool and I'm so excited for you and proud! (Not proud in a weird way - but proud b/c you're a great person and you deserve this!) Good job! What awesome exposure!

PS: !!!!!!!!!!! Lol.

marathon1981 said...

hahah, ok I went overboard with the "!" but I don't know how else to jump up and down in text!!!! d:
Thanks Cassandra!! .. also I was telling someone at work about you today being my blogworld plush friend, because most people just don't get it (:

marysza said...

congratulations kami! i knew you will be gettin famous! ha;d! and congratulations for your post on freckled-nest! its also a big big thing!! maybe you want to start sponsoring on your blog? i think it is a good idea!;d


marathon1981 said...

Thanks Agnes I think LA made it all look so good in her photos!! Maybe I will sponsor on my blog, but I think it's just a little thing for now! hehe

Cassandra said...

Ha - no, I was actually making fun of my own post b/c it has like a million "!!!" too.

That's cool! I know - those who blog, get it, those who don't...well I feel like they think I'm pretty odd for having "imaginary" friends, so to speak. ;)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

congratulations Kami!!
I'm going to run out and buy that issue as soon as it hits the stands and brag to everyone that I knew you when....!!!!!

Dandee said...

So very AWESOME, Kami!!! And you do deserve it! Now, let's get to planning that fund raising so you can get your ass to Seattle!!

marysza said...

its not a little thing! i would love to be sponsored on your blog for example! think about it Kami! ;d

marathon1981 said...

oh you girls are all pretty amazing (: you make my heart happy!

Lune Vintage said...

thats awesome news! You totally deserve it - I love the one's LA got - was so jellous. You're rad.


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